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10 Ft.  Free Standing

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10 Ft. Free Standing

10' free standing.png
10' free standing.png

10 Ft. Free Standing

from 1,499.00


(6) 9 ft. uprights

(5) 6 ft. single pull up bars

(1) 4 ft. pull up bar

(1) set of J-Hooksand hardware to assemble

The 10ft Free Standing rig give you more than double the amount of stations for various movements. By choosing the free standing rig you now have access two squat stations, potentially four pull-up stations, and a verity of other uses. This set-up is ideal for small weight rooms, and large home gym spaces where multiple family members can work out at the same time. As well as specialty recreational/rehab/ and specialized CrossFit facilities where more indivdualized training takes place.

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