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Midwestern Built Rig

Midwestern Built Crossfit

Seth Brown

Midwestern Built- Axom Performance Rig

Est. in 2017, Midwestern Built is the newest box on the block located in Joplin Missouri. We've outfitted them with a custom red-coated Axom Performance pull-up rig built to with stand max capacity classes. MWB Crossfit offers a dynamic range of classes: endurance, mobility, and general xfit classes.  Check them out at 217 W 2nd St. Joplin, MO 64801 or call them for more details (417) 213-3577

Check out the install highlight video below!


The Midwestern Built Story

Growing up in Missouri we’ve come to realize the Midwest is not just a place on a map. There’s something special about the people who live and work in the heartland. Everyday when Midwesterners wake up they know their day is going to be challenging. They know their blue collars will turn black with dirt, grease, oil, and sweat everyday. They know their callused hands will never soften because the work is never done.

We’ve also found, Midwesterners don’t work hard for just for recognition. They do it to make the lives of those around them better. They run to help when it’s needed. They give the extra effort even when it’s not required. We’re proud to be among their ranks.

Where we live has shaped us. It’s chipped away at our flaws and toughened where we’re too soft. It’s sped us up where we were slow and given us strength when we were weak. We like to say it’s built us into who we are.


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