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CrossFit Republic

CrossFit Republic Rig

Seth Brown

CrossFit Republic is located in Republic Missouri, and they proudly serve the greater the town and it's Republic population. Box owners, Macy & Jen Mitchell, have deeply engrained themselves in the Missouri Crossfit community as athletes, coaches, leaders, and mentors. Check out this "Family Feature" article CrossFit posted highlighting Mitchell a few years back!

The CFR Orange Rig

This Axom Performance  Rig is 50' dual layer rig that was built using the standard 4'ft then 6'ft pattern. Additionally, the uprights alternate between 9' and 12'ft to help gain ring stations but also to save expense where a shorter upright will work. This rig allows for 10 squat stations, 10 ring stations, and all the bar space you could need for larger CrossFit Class.

CFR Green rig

After the initial build out, CFR decided to add an additional 20' freestanding rig. This rig is also built with the  the standard 4'ft then 6' footprint. Additionally the uprights alternate between 9' and 12' to allow for ring stations, but save cost where a 12' upright is not necessary. This rig allows for 4 squat stations, 2 ring stations, and 9 bar stations. When this rig is not serving as overflow, this rigs main purpose is to see heavy traffic during all Learn To CrossFit classes, as well as rowing, endurance, and other speciality classes.

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Want to learn more about CFR? Check out their website here!

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